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Guelph at the Staring Line

Guelph at the Staring Line

JDC Central season has begun. Captains from universities across Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes are laying the fo...

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About CABS

The Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS) is a not for profit organization which strives to provide leadership, support and specialized services to its members.

Members of CABS are undergraduate commerce student associations. These volunteer organizations comprise the leaders of tomorrow, supplementing their traditional studies with experiential learning.

CABS also offers its members communication and facilitation services on a national level. With the geographical scope of Canada, CABS offers stewardship of conversations, action items and initiatives for our members.

Working with industry, CABS seeks to offer its members an unparalleled link to corporate Canada. If you are interested in working with CABS or its members please contact us at

I will always remember my first CABS conference! It allowed me to get out of my small community bubble and work together, network, and make friends with students from all over Canada. The experience has motivated me to work hard with my fellow society in order to make my school a better place to learn!–Derek Laberge, Bishop's University

I've always wanted to make an impact... and I've always loved learning. Working with CABS has been one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of my life, because I realize the importance of what CABS is. Helping shape a greater tomorrow for Canada, by helping students today is a dream come true. And that goes without mentioning the everlasting networking and connecting done along the way - a wonderful team, fantastic members, supportive sponsors and humble partners.  CABS is a beautiful thing, and I encourage everyone to not just join the movement, but to get their hands dirty and BE the movement.–Adam Normand, CABS VP Finance F13