Encouraging the Creation of Student Groups in you Faculty

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    Hey crew,

    I wanted to ask if anyone has any current programs or ideas to encourage your constituents/fellow students to create student groups? Right now, there are only 3 (maybe 4) active student groups in my faculty and I want to put in programs to encourage students to be more organized with their interest and start creating student groups. My idea is to provides organizational and funding support to kickstart budding student groups or students with great ideas on how to increase student participation.

    The reason why I’m interested in this topic is because my BSA is at the point where it is starting to expand from a service model to a more umbrella structure with a more diverse service offering. I don’t have anything final yet so I am open to any ideas you guys might have about this topic.

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    Hey Felix,

    I don’t have a lot of experience in this front from my school, the University of Victoria, as there wasn’t many active clubs in our faculty. So instead, I’ll just offer some instinctual thoughts I have on the subject.

    If your goal is to get students organized regarding their interests, forgive my bias but this might be a great opportunity to leverage the CABS network and see what kind of organizations exist at other schools. Further, figure out how governance/funding works for these groups and then throw an information night where you provide the details to the students on what your society can offer them in support of their goals?

    I think to just suggest to students to start clubs is to broad without building a framework or structure for them first, then will help narrow down possibilities and should result in forward action, in my mind.

    Hope that helps!

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