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5 Days 2021 Participating Charities

5 Days 2021 Participating Charities

Carmichael Outreach

Carmichael Outreach is a registered charity located in Regina, Saskatchewan that provides various services to those in our community who experience poverty and homelessness. Their mission is to foster empowerment through dignity, respect, and advocacy in our community. Carmichael Outreach’s vision is to see the END of poverty and homelessness in our community.


Chez Doris

Chez Doris is a charitable organization offering a daytime shelter 7 days a week for all women in difficulty. The house provides meals, respite, clothing, socio-recreational activities as well as practical assistance in a secure and accepting environment. Chez Doris’ vision is to give women in need a safe and nonjudgmental environment where confidentiality is assured.



EGADZ are a non-profit community based organization that provides programs and services to children, youth and their families in making healthy choices that improves their quality of life. EGADZ are visionary leaders, catalysts and advocates for ensuring that children and youth have a voice in determining the programs and services that best meet their needs.


John Howard Society

John Howard Society has a strong history of assisting individuals experiencing a variety of challenges and social issues such as poverty, homelessness, mental health concerns, neurodevelopmental disabilities, and involvement in the criminal justice system.


Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter (KEYS)

Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter (KEYS) is a voluntary program with no costs to youth and their caregivers. Stays at KEYS are typically between 1 and 7 nights, with extensions available based on youth’s goals and needs. KEYS staff work to create a positive, safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space for all youth.


La Source Soleil Inc.

La Source Soleil Inc. help homeless youth to get out of wandering by supporting young people in difficulty so that they do not end up on the street; and promote the social integration of these young people by actively supporting their quest for autonomy.


Operation Come Home

Operation Come Home is an employment, education, and support centre for homeless and at-risk youth age 16 and up. Their programs focus on what works and what matters to youth, as well as encourage personal growth of everyone as an individual. Operation Come Home is based in Ottawa, Ontario. Operation Come Home strives to create a professional, non-judgmental, caring, confidential, consistent, youth-centered environment that empowers youth, staff and volunteers to actively promote: advocacy, youth success through opportunity, adaptability, integrity and equality through a team approach while maintaining respect for human worth and dignity.


Phoenix Youth Programs

Phoenix is a non-profit, community based organization located in K’jipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Since 1987, Phoenix has been dedicated to supporting youth between the ages of 11 and 24, their families, and communities across multiple locations in Halifax.   Their team of caring professionals recognizes that each person who comes to us has unique needs and personal strengths.


Resource Assistance for Youth, Inc. (RaY)

Resource Assistance for Youth, Inc. (RaY) is a non-profit street-level agency working with street-entrenched and homeless youth up to the age of 29. RaY is non-judgmental and non-partisan, employing a harm reduction approach to all interactions with youth in need.


Wood’s Homes Lethbridge

Wood’s Homes is a children’s mental health centre. We provide treatment and support to children, youth and families with mental health needs. Wood’s Homes create and provide quality mental health services that promote and restore the well-being of children and families who struggle with problems big and small.


Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS)

Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS) provides immediate and low-barrier overnight and day shelter, temporary supportive housing, and individualized wrap-around supports for young people aged 15–24. YESS work collaboratively within a network of care focused on the prevention of youth homelessness by providing youth with the necessary supports to stabilize their housing, improve their wellbeing, build life skills, connect with community, and avoid re-entry into homelessness.


Southridge Shelter

Southridge Shelter is a unique community of residents, volunteers, and staff who are pursuing positive life change through the power of relationship in St. Catherines, Ontario


Dans La Rue

Dans La Rue is an organization in Montreal which takes a multifaceted approach to respond to the needs of homeless youth and youth at risk. Donations fund the services and programs (van, emergency shelter, school, employability, psychologists, nurses, apartments, family services, etc.) adapted to the youths’ needs.