The Future of Business in Canada

We are the premier umbrella business student association in the country shaping the future of business in Canada by developing leadership and talent nationwide.

The Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS) is a not for profit organization that represents over 70,000 business students from 29 universities in Canada. Our purpose is simple: to make every business graduate in Canada “global ready”.  This means that our students will be recognized internationally for superior talent and leadership.

We are the guardian of conferences and competitions for student leadership strategy discussion, professional development for leadership and practical skills learning. It is our responsibility to ensure the maximum quality and integrity of these events, as well as support organizing committees in the planning, logistics and fundraising.

Our Mission and Values

We foster the development of Canadian business student leaders to their full potential. With our member schools, we are committed to enhance the university experience of business undergraduates.


The vision is to create a vibrant national community driven by excellence in the Canadian business environment.


The mission of The Corporation is to advance the interests of Canadian business students and improve their undergraduate experience through the development of their respective student groups.

Core Values

  • Community building, with engagement, leadership, and innovation
  • Collaboration, with diversity, respect, and co-operation
  • Integrity, with honesty, transparency, and completeness
  • Excellence, with perseverance, professionalism, use of judgement, and safety
  • Sustain a culture that is member-focused, relationship-oriented, and impact-driven

Our Goals

All decisions and initiatives are designed and executed in the pursuit of strategic goals.

External Goals

  • Improvement of the business undergraduate experience
  • Academic achievement of business students
  • Developed leaders within our community
  • Engaged students in every university
  • Experiential learning for our students
  • Professional success of our members
  • Connecting education with business

Internal Goals

  • Sustainable operations
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Efficient systems and procedures
  • Ethical behavior
  • Effective performance


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