Our Organization

The Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS) is a not for profit organization that represents over 70,000 business students from 27 universities in Canada. Our purpose is simple: we exist to advance the interests of Canadian business students and improve their undergraduate experience through the development of their respective student groups. We provides the nation’s business students with more opportunities outside the classroom – it also advocates for and represents these students to businesses, government, and the general public.

Our Members

Membership is held by the business student association of each member university, who form an integral part of the university experience for all undergraduate commerce students. At once providing academic, social, networking, and charity services and initiatives to the students of these programs, business student associations also serve as the voice of students in regards to their education. By working with program faculty, staff, corporate partners, and external stakeholders, student government plays an important role in shaping the future of education.

Business Student Associations

Our membership holders, these organizations serve as the voice of business students’ at each university.

Corporate Partners

Without their help, our programs and initiatives wouldn’t be possible. CABS prides itself on sustaining value-added relationships with the professionals of today with the leaders of tomorrow. Learn more on our partners page.


Past members of our circuit contribute through speaking engagements, education, networking opportunities, and general mentorship. It is with their help that CABS continues to grow and define the lives our of growing community.

School Faculty

Our members work alongside their faculties to create the best possible experience for business students across Canada. CABS enjoys a partnership with the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans, where we are the voice of students in the continual evolution of business education.

Business Students

All business students in each member university automatically hold membership in our organization. These members benefit through the programs we deliver through their associations, along with the opportunities we independently provide and promote.


Business students have a history of working to develop their communities – our programs are proud to include charity initiatives that support various causes and help make a better life for all Canadians.


Reach out to us through this form. We will respond by phone or e-mail as soon as possible.


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