JDC Central 2021

January 2021 • Virtual • #JDCC2021

JDC Central 2021

January 2021 • Virtual • #JDCC2021

About JDC Central

JDC Central (JDCC) is the largest undergraduate business school competition in Central Canada, which brings over 600 student delegates together from Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes.Lasting three days each Winter, JDCC is a multi-facet competition, including academic cases for 8 business disciplines, parliamentary style debates, sports tournaments, social competitions and charity contributions.

JDC Central Team 2021

Isobel Shepherd

Executive Director, Internal

Fatima Malik

Executive Director, External


Jeremy Rutman

Director of Academics

Lisa Marshall

Co-Director of Corporate Relations


Sara Cholmsky

Co-Director of Corporate Relations

Mellisa Ramkissoon

Director of Debate


Ika Janiszewski

Director of Engagement

Adam Basmadjian

Director of Finance


Kaitlyn Yau

Director of Human Resources

Abeishon Sriskanda

Director of IT


Hannah Del Monte

Director of Logistics

Sharmaine Sayaboc

Director of Social


Mitch Cowan

Co-Director of Sports

Joshua Xavier

Co-Director of Sports