The Canadian Association of Business Students needs to manage how its brand is represented across all visual media in various different situations.

Our branding policy designates a corporate identity system of rules and elements, which explain how to correctly depict and embody our brand ethos consistently across different applications and in various markets to maintain the integrity of CABS.

The elements of the CABS brand may only be used as permitted by the branding guidelines and where authorized by the Corporation.

PaletteColor OrderTypeCode
FirstPrimarycmyk98 : 68 : 27 : 10
FirstPrimaryrgb0 : 83 : 127
FirstPrimaryhex #00537F
FirstSecondarycmyk0 : 0 : 0 : 0
FirstSecondaryrgb255 : 255 : 255
FirstSecondaryhex #FFFFFF
SecondPrimarycmyk70 : 22 : 0 : 0
SecondPrimaryrgb54 : 160 : 217
SecondPrimaryhex #36A0D9
SecondSecondarycmyk0 : 0 : 0 : 0
SecondSecondaryrgb255 : 255 : 255
SecondSecondaryhex #FFFFFF

We are proud to support our members and their initiatives by accepting requests to publish on their behalf though our extensive communication network.



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