This page showcases the archived profiles of program staff members for each annual team over the years.

Corinne Trottier
Benjamin Palmer
Ashley Ackroyed
Kennedy Forret
Chris McGinn
Taylor Smith
Katie Flanagan
Brooke Kennedy
Alexandra Erb
Molly Macdonald
Olivia Fitzpatrick
Rosalyn Huynh
Kara Feeley
Stephanie Lorentz
Maddie Elkhazin
Madison Stoknicki
Michelle Lim
Tarek Mansour
Genevieve Taylor
Rahmin Surani
Fredrick Burton
Aryan Vatanian
Jethro Krause
Rachel Fernandez
Sushen Talwar
Partow Etemadi
Alex Duffield
Anna Salazar

Eastern Business School Conference (EBSC)

Chelsea Galoni
Jena Mesih

Western Business School Conference (WBSC)

Emily McNair
Victoria Johnson


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