This page showcases the archived profiles of program staff members for each annual team over the years.

Matthew Ardovini
Connor Hasegawa
Cristina Vandori
Emma Filipov
Rana Habib
Laura Doermer
Madison Woodruff
Deandra Norton
Emily Heil
Rozmeen Sameer
Sunny Pabla
Devina Aujla
Rachel Parker
Sara Khan
Nicole Pellaers
Samantha Smolarski
Hayden Zammit
Elliot Geisler
Ben Bispham
Matt Ivey
Souzan Abdullah
Amml Fantazy
Georges Ayoub
Alice Yao
Chelan Darough
Rose Ferrer
Stefanie Zarnowski
Paul Harrison
Calvin Parker
Mike Jurkovic
Aman Khangura
Grant Bachand
Mohammed Chehade
Adam Normand
Katerina Fragos
Anik Laframboise
Tess Paeiwonsky
Shireen Salehi
Charles Gedeon
Nickolas Lepine
Michael Malo
Anthony Esposito
Jarred Ashby
Trevor Smith
CJ Gordon
Amber Johnson
Jordan Dyck
Colby Orobko
Dustyn Baulkham
Jamie Moran
Hamel Khakhria
Andre Capaldi


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