Hosts and Themes

Each year, the a new host school or organization must compete to secure a winning bid to host the event. As such, in more recent years, CABS mandates that each bid consist of a unique theme. The archives of these are provided below.

#CBSC19 Theme

There is no specific theme for this year’s event.

CBSC 2018 Host School

This year, CBSC will be hosted by University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Fredricton, the capital city of New Brunswick.

Delegates are invited to stay in the heart of the UNB campus at the Mackenzie House. Mackenzie House is located in the quad of UNB, located below the Student Union Building and above CC Jones. From there, our conference will be held in the middle of all the action, at the The Richard J. Currie Center and Bailey Hall located at 15 Peter Kelly Drive and 10 Bailey Drive respectively.

More than two centuries ago, it began with UNB’s founders who envisioned a place that
would change the lives of all those who walked through its gates. Many shared their
dream to create such an institution and there’s a reason it is thriving 230 years later. Across UNB campuses you will find world-first innovation at the oldest university buildings in the country–and the newest. UNB’s close-knit community champions, challenges, and supports its students to achieve their full potential, just as its legacy has proven to be possible. As the Most Entrepreneurial University in Canada offering 75+ programs to students from 100+ countries, UNB offers a transformative educational experience where every future matters. UNB is one university, two campuses, and building on hundreds of years of history.

Elegant streetscapes and historical charm are the face of Fredericton, but its pulse is driven by its world-leading digital infrastructure, scientific and technological R&D capacity, and unmatched entrepreneurialism. But look deeper past the acres of green space, under the canopy of stately elms, and you’ll discover a pulsing city with some of the most educated, loyal, and driven people in Canada. You’ll be swept up in a culture of entrepreneurialism so pervasive that it has produced over $1 billion in start-up exits in the past decade. But most importantly, you’ll experience a kinship and spirit of collaboration that tells of a people that views success as a community achievement.


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