Introducing CABS’ Director of Corporate Relations for the Central Region, Lash Kugathansan!

Calling his home Toronto, Lash has worked with the UW AFSA, for 2 years; his first year as a Senior Project Manager, and his second year as Vice President of Education. When studying at the University of Waterloo, Lash majored in Accounting and Financial Management. Over the next 5 years, Lash plans to complete his CPA designation, travel every year, and be in a career that is challenging yet fun!

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What would be your top three countries to travel to if money and time were not a factor?
New Zealand, Spain and Japan

Favourite 90’s track?
I want it that way – Backstreet Boys

If you had to switch to a field of study other than business, what would you choose, and why?
I think I would switch into Medicine. I always loved helping people and being a Doctor you get the chance to help people get better every day.


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