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Introducing Megan Dietrich

Introducing Megan Dietrich

Please help us welcome Meg Dietrich, Director of Marketing Strategy, for the CABS 2017 Fiscal Year!

Megan’s home is located in Ayer, Ontario but is soon moving to Kitchener for her workplace. Megan has worked incredibly hard to have just graduated from the University of Guelph, Bachelor of Commerce Program specialized in Management Economics and Finance. Megan was involved in the University of Guelph‘s College of Business and Economics Students’ Association (CBESA) for her last two years of University before graduating, in the roles of an Events Manager (Director Role) and Director of Marketing (Executive Role).

In 5 years, Megan hopes to have achieve her Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation, and possibly to be working at an Ernst and Young firm in London, England. Currently, she is working at the Ernst and Young office in Kitchener. She loves that there are so many international EY firms and appreciates the encouragement of employee travel.

We asked Megan a few more questions to learn more about her!

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have and why?
1) My camera because I bet that that island would be absolutely beautiful and I’d be very sad if I didn’t have anything to document it. I love doing photography and if I was found on the island later, I’d be able to sell my story and my photographs for a ton of money. If I wasn’t found, maybe someday my photos would be found and my story would be told through my art.
2) A volleyball that I’d name Wilson like in the movie “Castaway”.
3) Fireworks so that I could flag down a possible ship or airplane to save me while enjoying a nice firework show for myself.

If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would it be, and why?
A domestic cat because they are awesome.

If you had to switch to a field of study other than business, what would you choose, and why?
If I was smart and patient enough I’d be a geneticist. For anyone that has read Margaret Atwood’s novel “Oryx and Crake”, I want to make myself a pet rakunk; a genetically modified skunk crossed with a raccoon. They aren’t stinky and make very nice pets. Basically another type of cat! I’d also help to cure genetic diseases. But, after the rakunk project is finished, of course.

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