Meet Our Partners

We have been fortunate for the many great partnership agreements we have held over the years, receiving and delivering value and creating memories at our events.

The following is a comprehensive roster of all historical external partnership agreements.

YearProgram/EventPartner LogoPartnerContributionDescription
F2019CBSCIgnite FrederictonFinancial
F2019CBSCIrving OilFinancial
F2019CBSCCovered Bridge Potato ChipsFinancial
F2019CBSCPlanet HatchFinancial
F2019CBSCPower HRFinancial
F2019CBSCUNB Business AdministrationFinancial
F2019CBSCUNB Associated AlumniFinancial
F2019CBSCUNB Business Administration Undergraduate SocietyFinancial
F2019JDCCAWAKE ChocolateIn-KindAWAKE Chocolate provides caffeinated energy products with a delicious taste. AWAKE combines the great taste of premium chocolate with the pick-me-of a cup of coffee or a 250 mL energy drink to redefine energy and disrupt the chocolate industry along the way. Be sure to watch out for AWAKE at JDCC and in your university campuses!
F2019JDCCChatime CanadaIn-KindSince 2003, Chatime has grown to become a global icon to bring authentic and high-quality Taiwanese tea beverages to the world. With over 30 years of tea production and experience, Chatime has modernized the Taiwanese tea culture to ensure your custom drink is brewed to precise proportion, timing and temperature.
F2019JDCCOdgers BerndtsonFinancialOdgers Berndtson is the official Pre-Competition Sponsor of JDC Central 2019. In this partnership, we help Odgers find Canada’s most promising future leaders through the delegates’ participation in the CEOx1Day program. Odgers Berndtson collaborates with leading organizations to develop and strengthen their talent through a comprehensive understanding of their clients and the context of their business.
F2019JDCCBDOFinancialBDO will be a part of the Speaker Series panel and Corporate Fair at JDC Central. BDO Canada has spent more than 90 years providing assurance, accounting, tax, and advisory services to a broad range of clients across the country.
F2019JDCCCanadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH)FinancialCIPH will be a part of the Speaker Series panel and Corporate Fair at JDC Central. The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) is a not-for-profit trade association that represents the interests of 280 member companies and 20,000 employees across Canada. CIPH provides a wide range of seminars, workshops, webinars and publications on plumbing and hydronic heating.
F2019JDCCEMCOFinancialEMCO Corporation has been a long time partner with JDC Central since 2014. EMCO will be a part of this year’s Speaker Series panel and Corporate Fair. EMCO Corporation is a leading wholesale distributor of plumbing, HVAC, industrial and waterworks products in Canada.
F2019JDCCEnvironics AnalyticsFinancialSince 2003, Environics Analytics has grown to become a premier marketing and analytical services company in North America with an established reputation for producing the best data products and software.
F2019JDCCHult International Business SchoolFinancialHult International Business School will be a part of this year’s Corporate Fair. Hult is the global business school and offers undergraduate, graduate, and executive education degree programs. With seven campus locations, students from 150 different countries, and 17,000 alumni across the world, Hult provides students with a relevant business education and an unrivaled global perspective.
F2019JDCCPepsiCo CanadaFinancialPepsiCo Canada will be the official sponsor this year’s Sports competition. In addition, they will be at the Corporate Fair. PepsiCo is a global food and beverage leader with a product portfolio of 100s of enjoyable foods and beverages that are loved throughout the world.
F2019JDCCRaymond JamesFinancialRaymond James will be a part of the Speaker Series panel and Corporate Fair at JDC Central 2019. Raymond James is a diversified holding company providing financial services to individuals, corporations and municipalities through its subsidiary companies engaged primarily in investment and financial planning, in addition to capital markets and asset management.
F2019JDCCMetroFinancialReturning for their 5th year, METRO INC. will be a part of this year’s Academic competition. METRO operates a network of more than 600 food stores under several banners including Metro, Metro Plus, Super C, Food Basics and Adonis, as well as over 650 drugstores mainly under the Jean Coutu, Brunet, Metro Pharmacy and Drug Basics banners. Their dedication and collaboration of its employees have allowed them to secure a leading position in the Canadian food market.
F2019JDCCGoodman MBAFinancialGoodman MBA offers specializations in business analytics, accounting (CPA/MBA), finance, general management, human resource management, marketing and operations management. This career-ready degree prepares graduates for high-quality jobs. Experience success with a Goodman MBA.
F2019JDCCAuvikFinancialAuvik will be the inaugural official sponsor of the Social competition at JDC Central 2019. Auvik’s network infrastructure RMM (remote monitoring and management) gives IT service providers better visibility, documentation, and monitoring for their client networks.
F2019JDCCAxonifyFinancialAxonify will be a part of this year's Corporate Fair and VIP Networking Event. Axonify is a Waterloo-based SaaS that prides itself on being the only learning platform built for business performance where you can meet the learning needs of each individual employee, directly driving behaviors that lead to business results. Their platform transforms the way organizations approach employee training
F2019JDCCRLB LLPFinancial
F2019JDCCAvanadeFinancialAvanade will be a part of this year's Academic Competition, Corporate Fair and VIP Networking Event. Avanade is a global professional services company providing IT consulting and services focused on the Microsoft platform with business analytics, business applications, cloud, digital marketing, technology and managed services offerings.
F2019JDCCVocaprepIn-KindAt JDCC 2019, Vocaprep will be providing the Wild Card Case winning team with memberships of their interivew case preperation platform. Vocaprep is the premier online case interview preparation platform built by consultants and interviewers from top firms who were frustrated with the low-quality preparation materials otherwise available. Whether you are targeting a consulting firm or any company requiring case interviews, Vocaprep will provide you with detailed, insightful, and comprehensive training materials to help you apply for, interview at, and land your dream career.
F2019JDCCVIA RailIn-KindVIA Rail will be providing the JDCC 2019 Captains of the Year with 2 Business Class round trip tickets ito anywhere around Canada!
F2019JDCCDeGroote MBAFinancialDeGroote MBA will be a part of this year's Corporate Fair at JDCC 2019. The DeGroote MBA Program prepares you to take on your career with their modernized MBA curriculum. DeGroote offers a number of opportunities to expand your professional network and to be successful in your career search.
F2019JDCCRBC Future LaunchFinancialThe RBC Future Launch Program is a 10 year initiative to help young people gain access and opportunity to the skills, job experience and career networks needed for the future world of work. RBC Future Launch will invest in areas that will help young people learn skills, experience jobs, share knowledge and build resilience.
F2018RoundtableCPA CanadaFinancial
F2018RoundtableCPA OntarioFinancial
F2018RoundtableGoodman MBAFinancial
F2018RoundtableUniversity of Windsor Student Alliance (UWSA)Financial; In-Kind
F2018RoundtableOdette Commerce SocietyFinancial
F2018RoundtableOdette School of BusinessFinancial
F2018JDC CentralGoodman MBAFinancial
F2018JDC CentralEMCO CorporationFinancial
F2018JDC CentralMetro Ontario Inc.Financial
F2018JDC CentralCanadian Institute of Plumbing & HeatingFinancial
F2018JDC CentralScotiabankFinancial
F2018JDC CentralCPA CanadaFinancial
F2018JDC CentralOdgers BerndtsonFinancial
F2018JDC CentralMD FinancialFinancial
F2018JDC CentralEDCFinancial
F2018JDC CentralVIA RailFinancial
F2018JDC CentralHultIn-Kind
F2018JDC CentralIrving ShipbuildingFinancial
F2018JDC CentralHarbrIn-Kind
F2018JDC CentralADPIn-Kind
F2018JDC CentralBermeda TrainingIn-Kind
F2018CBSCDalhousie UniversityFinancial
F2018CBSCCPA Nova ScotiaFinancial
F2018CBSCCrombie REITFinancial
F2018ECLRBishop's University Commerce SocietyFinancial
F2017RoundtableCPA CanadaFinancial
F2017RoundtableUW FBEFinancial
F2017RoundtableUW BASAFinancial
F2017RoundtableBison TransportFinancial
F2017RoundtableEntrepreneurship ManitobaFinancial
F2017RoundtableRed River MutualFinancial
F2017RoundtableManitoba HyrdoFinancial
F2017RoundtableUniversity of WinnipegFinancial
F2017JDC CentralScotiabankFinancial
F2017JDC CentralMetro Ontario Inc.Financial
F2017JDC CentralCanadian Institute of Plumbing & HeatingFinancial
F2017JDC CentralSprott BSSFinancial
F2017JDC CentralAvanadeFinancial
F2017JDC CentralEMCO CorporationFinancial
F2017JDC CentralGoodman MBAFinancial
F2017JDC CentralDeGroote MBAFinancial
F2017JDC CentralSprott MBAFinancial
F2017JDC CentralHultFinancial
F2017JDC CentralMD FinancialFinancial
F2017JDC CentralMitch BrownFinancial
F2017JDC CentralEMPFinancial
F2017JDC CentralRed BullIn-Kind
F2017JDC CentralAwake ChocolateIn-Kind
F2017JDC CentralEvent MobiIn-Kind
F2017CBSCRyerson Commerce SocietyFinancial
F2017CBSCRyerson Student UnionFinancial
F2017CBSCLaunch Zone VenuesIn-Kind
F2017CBSCTRSM/RCS VenuesIn-Kind
F2017ECLRCPA Ontario
F2017ECLRSC JohnsonFinancial
F2017ECLRMAD DistributionsIn-Kind
F2017ECLRAlltralinx GroupFinancial
F2017ECLRSun LifeFinancial
F2016RoundtableHaskayne Commerce Undergraduate SocietyIn-Kind
F2016RoundtableEdwards School of Business, University of SaskatchewanFinancial
F2016RoundtableCPA AlbertaIn-Kind
F2016RoundtableWatkinson and CompanyIn-Kind
F2016RoundtableRed BullIn-Kind
F2016RoundtableHaskayne School of BusinessIn-Kind
F2016JDC CentralScotiabankFinancial
F2016JDC CentralMetro OntarioFinancial
F2016JDC CentralFuturpreneur CanadaFinancial
F2016JDC CentralCPA OntarioFinancial
F2016JDC CentralXeroxFinancial
F2016JDC CentralEMCO CorpoorationFinancial
F2016JDC CentralEY CanadaFinancial
F2016JDC CentralDeGroote School of Business, McMaster UniversityFinancial
F2016JDC CentralGoodman School of Business, Brock UniversityFinancial
F2016JDC CentralTed Rogers School of Management, Ryerson UniversityFinancial
F2016JDC CentralHult International School of BusinessFinancial
F2016JDC CentralFocus 2040Financial
F2016JDC CentralTEKystemsFinancial
F2016JDC CentralRed BullIn-Kind
F2016JDC CentralAwake ChocolateIn-Kind
F2016JDC CentralAga Khan MusuemFinancial
F2016CBSCRyerson Students' UnionIn-Kind
F2016CBSCRyerson Commerce SocietyFinancial
F2016CBSCCPA OntarioFinancial
F2016CBSCLaunch Zone, Digital Media ZoneFinancial
F2016ECLRTrent Business Student AssociationIn-Kind
F2016ECLRThe LandIn-Kind
F2016WCLRHill Business Students' SocietyFinancial
F2016WCLRHill School of Business, University of ReginaFinancial
F2016WCLRMcNair Business DevelopmentFinancial
F2016WCLRHillberg & BerkIn-Kind
F2016WCLRRegina ArbitrationIn-Kind
F2016WCLRPump RoadhouseFinancial
F2016WCLREnterprise HoldingsIn-Kind
F2016WCLRMinistry of AgricultureIn-Kind
F2015RoundtableBC HydroFinancial
F2015RoundtableTourism Prince GeorgeFinancial
F2015RoundtableUniversity Northern British ColumbiaFinancial
F2015RoundtableCommunity FuturesFinancial
F2015RoundtableInitiatives Prince GeorgeFinancial
F2015JDC CentralScotiabankFinancial
F2015JDC CentralEMCO CorporationFinancial
F2015JDC CentralMetro Ontario Inc.Financial
F2015JDC CentralCPA OntarioFinancial
F2015JDC CentralFuturpreneur CanadaFinancial
F2015JDC CentralCanadian Tire CorporationFinancial
F2015JDC CentralBrock University, Goodman School of BusinessFinancial
F2015JDC CentralMcMaster University, Degroote School of BusinessFinancial
F2015JDC CentralEgg Farmers of OntarioFinancial
F2015JDC CentralTiltIn-Kind
F2015CBSCMcMaster Alumni AssociationFinancial
F2015ECLRSprott School of BusinessFinancial
F2014RoundtableCPA OntarioFinancial
F2014RoundtableCommerce and Administration Students' AssociationFinancial
F2014RoundtableConcordia University, John Molson School of BusinessFinancial
F2014JDC CentralScotiabankFinancial
F2014JDC CentralEMCO CorporationFinancial
F2014JDC CentralCPA OntarioFinancial
F2014JDC CentralTarget Canada Co.Financial
F2014JDC CentralMicrosoftFinancial
F2014JDC CentralPepsiFinancial
F2014JDC CentralBMOFinancial
F2014JDC CentralDalhousie MBAFinancial
F2014JDC CentralGuelph MBAFinancial
F2014JDC CentralFuturpreneur CanadaFinancial
F2014JDC CentralEnterprise HoldingsFinancial
F2014ECLRCoca-Cola CanadaFinancial
F2014WCLRCPA British ColumbiaFinancial


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