A Standard for Excellence

Unique in it’s design, the CABS Accreditation Program sets the standard for student governance success in Canada.

How it Works


By becoming a part of CABS, our member Business Student Associations have made a commitment to themselves.  are not simply making a commitment to themselves. They are making a commitment to themselves, their students, and their universities. Through our network and resources, they have pledged to improve their offerings to a national standard.


The CABS Accreditation program is our way of systematizing and categorizing the offerings and development of our members, an official ranking system that creates a standardized benchmark for our associations to pursue. Collectively, our member executives use this program to further their accountability for exceptional performance. A tiered ranking procedure allows for objective evaluation and serves to quantify and validate organizational success.


The program is administered through a diverse group of members, alumni, and other professionals. who evaluate pertinent documentation and activities of our members and apply their review to a collaborative scoring metric. Outcomes in each of the respective categories create an opportunity for self-reflection and feedback in critical organizational areas, allowing our associations to best target their resources towards areas in need of improvement.

Why CABS Accreditation?

The CABS Accreditation Program allows members to understand where the place on a national scale of organizational development. Additionally, by quantifying and measuring organizational aspects, CABS can better understand member placement and continually adapt services to better reflect current needs.

Program Benefits

Constituents will receive better services and value from Business Student Associations that have committed to development through the program. Other stakeholders, including sponsors and faculty, will find more value in partnerships with a organization that has dedicated to meeting national standards for excellence.

New Members

While the CABS Accreditation Program can be used to identify potential members, all Business Student Associations are encouraged to use the program for organization development. New Members will be on-boarded with the process of CABS Accreditation within their first year as members.


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