Events with Far-Reaching Impact

Through our five flagship events, CABS offers the primary medium for business student collaboration across Canada. Our programming involves a combination of a leadership curriculum with moderated discussion, enabling the on-boarding of instrumental knowledge and rare insight to best prepare our members for success.

To develop effective student leaders, CABS has derived a curriculum of learning that is developed around the elected one-year terms of our member societies. Each event is intended to build upon the last, ensuring that each event offers a high level of value to those in attendance. The curriculum is balanced against current needs from our members with a long term growth strategy that aims to continually mitigate issues faced from our constituents while simultaneously focusing on constant improvement in the delivery of services and initiatives.

Subjects and issues covered at CABS’ events are recorded, databased, and made available through other mediums, such as a learning center on the CABS’ website. This system permits the implementation of a progressive learning environment where each conference can build upon it’s respective predecessor and innovate with new materials, yet members can easily access event resources from past editions as well.

As a rule, the curriculum ranges from facilitating strategy creation and delivering portfolio-specific tools to motivational speeches and group discussion. As previously mentioned, it adapts yearly to accommodate particular needs of different members, but is designed to have long-term benefit.

Of course, each event offers intangible benefits that go beyond the designed learning and resource-sharing; student leaders gain the opportunity to network with each other and forge national relationships that will continue to benefit them as they enter their careers and beyond. They also have the opportunity to connect with attending partners, alumni, and business leaders across Canada. Though the delivery of an effective learning curriculum remains the primary focus, these additional factors provide an immeasurable value which help make the CABS flagship conference the unique entities that they are.

Roundtable is the pinnacle of annual conferences hosting 300+ business student association executives from 32+ schools. Delegates are provided structured transition, training and planning for each portfolio. Schools collaborate to align the vision of business undergraduate education.

The CABS curriculum for roundtable focuses on both transitioning & team building. Having both current and future BSA executives present gives all attendees the opportunity to learn from each other through the various workshops, guest speakers and similar school sessions that are offered.

Students will learn proper organizational systems, governance and processes, as well as strategies to deal with challenges and issues as they arise. At the end of Roundtable, we know the future student leaders will feel well prepared for the upcoming year and understand their roles, as well as the purpose of CABS.

The Canadian Business School Conference delivers a program centered around organizational strategy and risk mitigation, striving to help determine solutions to encountered issues that can be effectively implemented while furthering each member’s mission and objectives to be evaluated at a later retreat.

The Canadian Business School Conference (CBSC) is a national event that brings together members of Business Student Associations from across Canada to once again meet, collaborate and network. CBSC is an opportunity for our members to reconnect with like-minded individuals, to discuss challenges, and to build tool kits before they embark on the journey of leading their respective organizations. As the teams have started to plan for the year, addressing challenges they are facing and

CABS leadership retreats are annual development conferences for student leaders from both Eastern and Western Canada. The events provide the opportunity for delegates to further develop planning, implementation, and management skills that improve their ability to perform as student leaders.

ECLR has a small, intimate focus, with the objective of introducing executive members from different schools to one another as a forum which allows schools to plan inter-school events for the upcoming year.

At ECLR, the main focus is on strategic planning and learning how to keep students engaged through marketing and events. The retreat also provides the opportunity for business students to network with each other in a mix of organized events and nighttime activities.

CABS leadership retreats are annual development conferences for student leaders from both Eastern and Western Canada. The events provide the opportunity for delegates to further develop planning, implementation, and management skills that improve their ability to perform as student leaders.

JDC Central (JDCC) is the largest undergraduate business school competition in Central Canada, including academic cases for 9 business disciplines, parliamentary style debates, sports tournaments, social competitions and charity contributions. It brings over 700 student delegates together from Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes.

The aim of JDCC is to introduce students to a real life business environment where they are able to formulate a solution for a business problem under pressure, meet business professionals from across Canada, compete in various categories for school glory, and build unforgettable memories to last them for years to come.


All inquiries regarding the Western Canadian Leadership Retreat, the Eastern Canadian Leadership Retreat, the Canadian Business School Conference, or CABS Roundtable should be directed to the VP Conferences.

All inquires regarding to JDC Central should be directed to the VP Competitions.


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