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Students “Return” to Classes

Students “Return” to Classes

By Mitch Bellefleur, CABS F2021 VP External and Executive VP

After a strange summer filled with quarantining and Zoom calls, students across the country have returned to classes for the fall semester, albeit in a very different way than ever before. Given that students are returning to an unfamiliar environment, the CABS Leadership Team wanted to take some time to give students some general reminders, as well as information about some of the initiatives CABS will be putting on this Fall!

Digital Exhaust and Mental Health

One of the main points of feedback the CABS team heard throughout the summer, both internally and externally, was the idea of digital exhaust. Many students found themselves feeling mentally tired due to the amount of time they had to spend at their desks, in front of their laptops, and not being able to be with friends in person. The unfortunate truth is that this digital exhaust is likely to only get worse as students add online classes to their list of responsibilities. We want to take this opportunity to remind students that if they are feeling this way, they are not alone. Many students, as well as adults who are working from home, are currently experiencing these feelings, and it is important to take a break from the digital world when it is happening to you. If there are people you can be in-person with right now, such as family, roommates, or a small social bubble, try organizing activities with them that get you away from screens, such as playing board games or cards. While this may seem like a small step, it can be surprising how much a little bit of social activity and time away from screens can improve your mood! In any case, please be mindful of your mental health during these times and take the necessary steps to put your well-being first!

CABS Events and Initiatives

As always, CABS is busy planning events and initiatives for the fall semester. One of the major things we are working on right now is the planning for JDC Central, scheduled to take place in January. Similar to the conferences CABS has hosted this year, JDC Central will be hosted virtually for the first time ever in 2021! This has led to some exciting opportunities, such as the introduction of e-sports in place of the regular athletics competition that would take place. We are excited to announce delegates will compete in Rocket League at this year’s competition!

Given the pandemic, many BSAs have been forced to change up their event offerings this semester, so knowledge sharing has become more important than ever. Therefore, throughout the fall, CABS will continue to host Similar Position sessions for BSA executives across the country, as we did during our Summer Series. It is our hope that these sessions will allow for idea sharing that can ensure all BSAs are providing their students with great university experiences, despite the circumstances. Furthermore, CABS is also planning to host more workshops throughout the fall semester, so stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on these workshops!

Wellness Survey

Finally, CABS will also be administering a Student Wellness Survey to gain a better understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the university experience of students across the country. This survey will be launched on November 16th and will remain open until December 22nd. The data collected will be used to create a report to the Dean’s of business schools, as well as BSA Presidents, so that they have a better understanding of what students are struggling with and what improvements can be made for online learning going into the second semester. There will also be six $50 gift cards available for students who fill out the survey. The survey can be completed by clicking here!


Although this year has been strange and presented some very unique challenges, CABS is still here to support business students across the country! We are continuing to pursue our vision of creating a vibrant business community and applaud the student leaders who are doing the same. We hope everyone is taking care of themselves during these difficult times, and as always, we encourage that everyone stay safe!

To stay connected with CABS, check us out on our social media channels (@cabs.online) or our website cabsonline.ca. We consistently post updates on different activities that you can get involved in whether that is with our Member Schools or within our CABS operations.